The Company that Cares

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Careline Services as your partner of choice. Being a health care staffing agency that has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Team workApproval, we exceed the quality and standards upheld by the Joint Commission standards.  We are dedicated not only to providing licensed and trained healthcare professionals; we are also dedicated to providing healthcare personnel who care! After all, caring is the heart our business.

Competent and Capable Medical Staff

Careline hand picks the top healthcare professionals both locally and internationally and matches their qualifications with the needs of client healthcare facilities. Careline only recruits experts with exceptional clinical skills, professional work ethics and the same caring demeanor that Careline has been known for. As a result, Careline has evolved to be one of the leading healthcare staffing agencies in the east coast providing permanent, temporary, per diem and travel opportunities to nurses and allied health professionals.

Customer Focused Services

Whether you are a healthcare professional, looking for exciting job assignments or a medical px01facility looking for competent staff, you can be assured of the same quality service that Careline can only provide. Careline recruiters and coordinators are trained to be innovative and customer focused. They are equipped with the latest staff management tools that help them identify the needs of clients and match them with excellent service. These services are stamped with the same care that Careline is known for.